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Ann Arbor Trail-USFS Trail No_ 1195

Classification: Trail

Location: Forest road #342
Latitude: 47.1818°     Longitude: -115.1223°
Elevation: 36 ft.

Length: 2.5Mi

End Location: 71
End Latitude: 47.2067°     Longitude: -115.1510°
End Elevation: 6318 ft.

Area: Superior

Season Start: Late Spring     End:

Usage: Light
Difficulty: Moderate to More Difficult

Legal Description: Township 17N; Range 28W; Section 35

Take I-90 to the Superior Exit, #47. Go 4.9 miles on the south side frontage road to Dry Creek Road, #342. Go 8 miles southwest on Dry Creek Road to Ann Arbor Trailhead. A hiker sign and arrow designate the trialhead.

This is a steep trail with some good views. It's suitable for hikers and backpackers.

Access: Hiking

Trail Profile:

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Boyd Mountain Saint Regis Keystone Peak
Torino Peak                       
Wilson Gulch
Sherlock Peak Illinois Peak Landowner Mountain

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Topo View - Ann Arbor Trail-USFS Trail No_ 1195

Photo View - Ann Arbor Trail-USFS Trail No_ 1195