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Site Information

Big Pine Recreation Site

Classification: Recreation
Latitude: 46.9927°     Longitude: -114.6632°
Elevation: 3087 ft.

Area: Fish Creek

Legal Description: T14N,R24W,sec5 MT

UTMZone: 677677, 5207003

West of Missoula off I-90 at Exit 66, head south, turn West on Fish Creek Road for 4 1/2 miles. (Lat 46.99, Lng -114.663)

Alternate Directions:
Big Pine Fishing Access Site is located on Fish Creek at river mile 2 on the right hand side as you float down stream. Big Pine is the only access site along Fish Creek maintained by FWP. Fish Creek is a tributary of the Clark Fork River.

Attractions and Comments:
5 camping sites at this location. Site is approx. 41/2 mi. South of I-90 This site is classified as a "Primitive Recreation Site

Difficult Accessibility
Open : All Year
Stay Limit : 7 days
Trailers/RV : Trailer Length 23ft
Elevation : 2884 ft
Nearest Town : Alberton - 8 miles
Size : 19 Acres

Site of the largest known Ponderosa Pine in the area.

Weapons Discharge Prohibited
Discharge of firearms, air or gas weapons, fireworks or arrows prohibited from April through opening date of archery season each year unless posted otherwise. Discharge of paint guns prohibited at all times.

Facilities: Campsites, Toilet


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Lozeau Tarkio Stark South
Saint Patrick Peak                      NE
Williams Peak
Deer Peak
Schley Mountain White Mountain Lupine Creek

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Topo View - Big Pine Recreation Site

Photo View - Big Pine Recreation Site