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Cascade Campground

Classification: Campground
Latitude: 47.304987°     Longitude: -114.824593°

Area: Saint Regis North (Clarks Fork Valley)

8 miles south of Paradise, Montana

Attractions and Comments:
10 campsites. Cold drinking water. 13 miles to groceries in Plains, Montana.
Site Description: Forested, with shade, in the canyon bottom along a major river.
Attractions: Fishing. Cascade National Recreation Trail at campground.
Reservations: None
Open: 5/25-9/27
Directions: 8 miles south of Paradise, Montana.
Altitude: 2900' elevation

For more information, contact thePlains/Thompson Falls Ranger Station


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

? ? ?
Keystone Peak                       
Quinns Hot Springs
Superior Idaho Gulch Horsehead Peak

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