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Clark Fork Scenic Drive

Classification: Road

The journey begins at Alberton, near the famed ‘Alberton Gorge' of the Clark Fork River. This is some of the best whitewater rafting and kayaking region. As you travel north, you'll pass through the towns of Superior, St. Regis, DeBorgia, Haugan and Saltese on the way to Lookout Pass Ski Area. These towns offer access to ‘Silver Country', which features more than 1,000 interconnected miles of continuous snowmobile trails—the largest such trail system in the Continental U.S. In the summer, the trails are open to mountain biking.

Back on the river, turn onto Highway 135 after stopping at St. Regis. Continue to Highway 200 and turn north, where you can see the dams of the Clark Fork: Thompson Falls Dam, Noxon Rapids Dam and Cabinet Gorge Dam. The largest of these, Noxon Rapids, is an earth-filled dam which forms the 28-mile long Noxon Reservoir. In Plains, stop at the Log Schoolhouse, a restored historic building on Main Street downtown.

At Thompson Falls, drop by the Sanders County Historical Museum in the old county jail. You'll also want to see KooKooSint Sheep Viewing Area eight miles east of Thompson Falls. As many as 100 bighorn Sheep gather in this small meadow.

The Clark Fork River winds its way across this region of Glacier Country, serving as a guide to the many interesting towns and stops along the way. Named for (you guessed it) William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this river has many different personalities. In some places, it's wide, peaceful and meandering; in others, it's a whitewater thrill ride through inspiring canyons.



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