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Clear Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 260

Classification: Trail

Location: Forest road #391
Latitude: 47.2655°     Longitude: -115.4113°
Elevation: 6344 ft.

Length: 0.3Mi

End Location: Clear Lake
End Latitude: 47.26501°     Longitude: -115.40922°
End Elevation: 5843 ft.

Area: West End South
Usage: Light
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Legal Description: Township 17N; Range 30W; Section 4

From I-90 take the Two Mile Exchange at Exit 30. Go south on Two Mile Creek Road 431 to Newman Ridge Road, 1185. Go southwest 11.6 miles to the State line Road 391. The trailhead is 5 miles west.

This is a moderate to difficult trail. It takes you to a pristine alpine lake. It's primarily used by hikers and backpackers.

Trail Map:

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Saltese Haugan De Borgia North
McGee Peak
De Borgia South
? ? Berge Peak

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Topo View - Clear Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 260

Photo View - Clear Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 260