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Clearwater Crossing Campground

Classification: Campground
Latitude: 46.9097°     Longitude: -114.8027°
Elevation: 3490 ft.

Area: Fish Creek

Season Start: Late Spring     End: Late Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Easy

20 miles southwest of Fish Creek Exit 66. Follow Fish Creek Road south to W.Fork Fish Cr. Road then W.Fork Fish Creek Road to the end.

Alternate Directions:
37 miles west of Missoula on I-90, take Fish Creek Exit 66. Follow Fish Creek Road #343 south to West Fork Fish Creek Road #7750. Follow Road #7750 to the end.

Attractions and Comments:
Facilities: 3 campsites. Gas within 25 miles. Drinking water, stock facilities and public corrals.
Attractions: Trailhead for Great Burn area. Fishing and hiking.
Fees (no fees required at this campground)
Reservations: None
Open: 6/1-11/30

For more information, contact theNinemile Ranger Station

Facilities: Campsites, Stock facilities, Public corrals, Handicap Nature Tr., Fishing, Hiking

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Landowner Mountain Lozeau Tarkio
Straight Peak                       
Saint Patrick Peak
Williams Peak
Bruin Hill Schley Mountain White Mountain

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Topo View - Clearwater Crossing Campground

Photo View - Clearwater Crossing Campground