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Copper Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 265

Classification: Trail

Location: County road, near Mullan road
Latitude: 47.4387°     Longitude: -115.6963°

Length: 1.6Mi

End Location: Copper Lake
End Latitude: 47.4236°     Longitude: -115.7038°

Area: West End South

Legal Description: Township 19N; Range 32W; Section 5

From I-90 take the Lookout Pass Exit 0, Go south on Road 7896 for 2 miles to the trailhead.

An enjoyable hike to a beautiful mountain lake.

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

? ? Driveway Peak
Mullan NW                     
Lookout Pass
? ? Adair

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Topo View - Copper Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 265

Photo View - Copper Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 265