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Crystal Lake Trail 269

Classification: Trail

Location: Deer Creek Road 236
Latitude: 47.31717°     Longitude: -115.40265°
Elevation: 3950 ft.

Length: 4.1Mi

End Location: Stateline Road 391
End Latitude: 47.27692°    
End Elevation: 6200 ft.

Area: West End South

Season Start: Late Spring     End: Mid Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate to More Difficult

Legal Description: Township 18N; Range 30W; Section 22

From I-90 take the DeBorgia Exit. 0.5 miles west of -DeBorgia turn south onto Deer Creek Road 236 and proceed 7 miles to trailhead located on west side of the road (just before the located Forest Service gate). Ample parking for four vehicles.

Alternate Directions:
From St. Regis travel east on Camel's Hump Road for 0.5 mile, turn left on Little Joe frontage road and continue 2.5 miles to fork in road. Proceed on Road 282 (north fork) for 13 additional miles to Stateline Road 391. Turn west (right) onto Road 391 and travel 8 Miles to trailhead marked by a rock cairon and trail blaze. Parking available is for one vehicle only. Access No. 1 is the best route.

Attractions and Comments:
Because the lower portion of the Crystal Lake trail (from Deek Creek trailhead to Crystal Lake)is traveled frequently, the trailhead is well established end easy to negotiate. However, as the trail continues beyond the lake and toward Stateline, the tread begins to climb through several rocky and faint sections. Once it reaches the ridge, the trail levels out and continues to Stateline. Attractions include berry picking, fishing, and camping. The remnants of an old abandoned mining town provide historical evidence of man's continual search for hidden minerals.

From Deer Creek Road 236, the trail follows an old mining road through mixed forest stands of Douglas-fir, spruce, and western hemlock. Within a mile of the trailhead this mining road narrows to a footpath and parallels portions of Deer Creek. Before reaching Crystal Lake, the trail passes the remains of the Deer Creek Mining Company town and mill. This gold lode operation was closed down in 1913. The ruins of several cabins and a sunken mine shaft attest to man's never-ending quest for minerals. Visitors are advised to use caution when exploring these reminders of the past.

Crystal Lake is reached 1.5 miles from the trailhead. The lake provides an opportunity for swimming camping, and fishing for brook trout. Beyond the lake, the trail tread becomes somewhat obscured in places. Hikers should keep a watchful eye for trail blazing. This portion of the trail becomes steep and rocky until it reaches the ridge, Hikers are reminded to pack adequate water supplies, as the trail is dry beyond Crystal Lake. Several camping spots located along the ridgetop afford the visitor overlooking views of Crystal and Rudie Lakes.

Access: Hiking, Horseback Riding

Facilities: Fishing, Scenery

Connections: Crystal Lake

Trail Map:

Trail Profile:

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Saltese Haugan De Borgia North
Adair                      NE
McGee Peak
De Borgia South
? ? Berge Peak

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