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Diamond Lake

Classification: Lake

Location: Dry Creek
Latitude: 47.1474°     Longitude: -115.1746°
Elevation: 5403 ft.

Area: Superior South

Legal Description: T16N,R28W,sec17 MT

Alternate Directions:
Latitude/Longitude 47.1474N, 115.1746W
The legal description is Principle T16N,R28W,sec17 MT
UTM zone 11 (X,Y) 638393, 5223161

The elevation is 1647 m ( 5403 ft )
The gradient is: 29.0 percent
The aspect direction is: 88.8 degrees or E
The local roughness is: 25.5 or extreme
The location as decimal degrees (X,Y;Z) = -115.1746, 47.1474; 1647 m



The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

De Borgia South Boyd Mountain Saint Regis
Berge Peak                       
Torino Peak
Wilson Gulch
? Sherlock Peak Illinois Peak

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