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Diamond Lake Recreation Site

Classification: Recreation
Latitude: 47.1474°     Longitude: -115.1746°
Elevation: 5403 ft.

Area: Superior South

Legal Description: T16N,R28W,sec17 MT

UTMZone: 638393, 5223161

Travel due West of he Superior interchange on the Southside Frontage Road 69 for 4.9 miles to the junction of Dry Creek Road 342. Turn West onto Dry Creek Road and drive 9.5 miles to the junction of Diamond Lake Road 7843. Turn south and drive 4.1 miles to Diamond Lake. There is ample parking in this area.

Attractions and Comments:
Provides relatively quick access into one the many alpine cirques in the Superior Ranger District. The scenic attractions include unobstructed views of Diamond Lake, Torino Peak and Eagle Cliff from an open avalanche point at the west end of Diamond Lake. There are several campsites located at both Diamond Lake (trailhead to Trail 100) and Cliff Lake. Outdoor toilet facilities are available at Diamond Lake.


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

De Borgia South Boyd Mountain Saint Regis
Berge Peak                       
Torino Peak
Wilson Gulch
? Sherlock Peak Illinois Peak

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Topo View - Diamond Lake Recreation Site

Photo View - Diamond Lake Recreation Site