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Hazel-hub Lakes Trail 280

Classification: Trail

Location: Ward Creek Trail 262
Latitude: 47.28624°     Longitude: -115.3390°
Elevation: 4034 ft.

Length: 3.0Mi

End Location: Up Up Ridge Trail 250
End Latitude: 47.27652°     Longitude: -115.38434°
End Elevation: 6550 ft.

Area: West End South

Season Start: Early Summer     End: Late Summer

Usage: Medium to Heavy
Difficulty: Moderate

Legal Description: Township 18N; Range 30W; Section 24

From St. Regis, travel 8.2 miles west on I-90. Turn off at Drexel Exit 25, return to I-90 traveling eastbound for 1.1 miles to Ward Creek Exit. Proceed south on Ward Creek Road 889 for 6.5 miles to the Ward Creek Trail 262 trailhead at the switchback (before the bridge crossing). Hike 1.2 miles on Ward Creek Trail to its junction with Hazel-Hub Trail 280. Trail 280 proceeds northeast to Hazel and Hub Lakes

Alternate Directions:
Continue on Ward Creek Road 889 for a total of 12.1 miles to its junctoin with Road 1185. Turn southwest (sharp right) onto Road 1185 and continue 3.3 miles to Stateline Road 341. Turn northwest (sharp right) onto Road 391 and proceed 3.1 miles to Up Up Ridge trailhead 250

Parking available on old logging spur, 100 feet beyond trailhead. Hike 1.85 mile down Trail 250 to Hazel-Hub trailhead (located in saddle).

Attractions and Comments:
The Hazel-HUb Trail is a connecting trail betweent he Ward Creek trail and the Up Up Ridge Trail (see sketch map). This 6-mile roundtrip hike to the lakes (via Ward Creek Trail 262) makes a pleasant day hike. Extended back pack trips cab be made by utilizing the entire Ward Creek-Up Up Ridge-Hazel Hub Trail network. (See R.O.G. pages H202 and Superior H203)

The Hazel-Hub Lakes Trail is one of the more popular trails on the Superior Ranger District. This connector trail is most easily accessed via Ward Creek Trail 262. It is a relatively gentle 1-mile hike up Ward Creek trail to the junction of Hazel-Hub Lakes Trail. Hazel-Hub Lakes trail heads northeast from Ward Creek Trail 262 and traverses to the east of the creek. The tread is fairly distinct, but visitors are reminded to keep a watchful eye for trail blazes. The trail makes a moderate climb to Hazel Lake; the lakes comes into view with 2.2 miles of the Ward Creek trailhead. A 100-foot spur trail, branching to teh south from Hazel-Hub lake trail leads directly to the lake.

When continuing west on the main Hazel-Hub Lake trail, hikers will pass through a beautiful subalpine meadow flanked by both Ward and Eagle Peaks. The trail tread tends to become somewhat obscured by vegetative growth in this area. The actual trail traverses northeast through a draw for 0.7 mile to the outlet of Hub Lake. Hub Lake provides a scenic backdrop for the dispersed campsites available.

Beyond Hub Lake, the trail continues in a westerly direction to the saddle between Ward and Eagle Peaks on the Up Up ridge Trail 250. This portion of the trail is quite steep, and again the tread becomes indistinct in several locations. From Up Up Ridge Trail, hikers have sevearl options for spotting shuttle vehicles for backtracking to the Ward Creek trailhead on Road 889.

Access: Hiking, Horseback Riding

Facilities: Scenery

Connections: Ward Creek Trail 262, Hazel Lake, Hub Lake, Square Lake

Trail Map:

Trail Profile:

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Haugan De Borgia North Penrose Peak
McGee Peak                       
De Borgia South
Boyd Mountain
? Berge Peak Torino Peak

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Topo View - Hazel-hub Lakes Trail 280

Photo View - Hazel-hub Lakes Trail 280