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Hub Lake

Classification: Lake
Latitude: 47.2752°     Longitude: -115.3766°
Elevation: 5969 ft.

Area: Saint Regis South

Season Start: Late Spring     End: Early Fall

Difficulty: Moderate

Legal Description: T18N,R30W,sec35 MT

UTMZone: 622783, 5237025

See Hub-Hazel Lakes Trail-USFS No 280

Alternate Directions:
From eastbound I-90 near DeBorgia, MT take exit 26. Take Forest Road No. 889, Ward Creek Road south for 6.5 miles. The trail head is on the right side where the road crosses Ward Creek.

Easy access makes this a nice one day outing. It has all the scenery you could ask for; nice views near the Idaho-Montana divide, a cedar forest at the beginning of the trail, several stream crossings, a waterfall, a couple of alpine lakes, decent campsites and you might want to try your luck fishing for cutthroat trout in Hub Lake.

Connections: Hazel Lake, Hazel-hub Lakes Trail 280, Square Lake

Trail Map:

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The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Saltese Haugan De Borgia North
McGee Peak
De Borgia South
? ? Berge Peak

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