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Lower Oregon Lake Trail 109

Classification: Trail

Location: Cedar Creek Road 320
Elevation: 5300 ft.

Length: 0.8Mi

End Location: Middle Oregon Lake
End Elevation: 6100 ft.

Area: Superior South

Season Start: Late Spring     End: Mid Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Difficult

From Superior, travel East on Diamond Road 250 for 1.4 miles to Cedar Creek Road 320. Turn South (right) onto Road 320 and proceed 18.5 miles to switchback in road. Parking adequate for 4-5 vehicles. Campsite also available at trailhead.

Attractions and Comments:
Trail 109 may be short, but hikers will certainly get a workout as they climb this steep trail (averagin 35% slope) to the Oregon Lakes. The trail climbs through a steep narrow gorge as it parallels the outlet creeks from the lakes. Visitors will pass through cool, dense cedar forests with lush undergrowth.

Because the tread has been constructed in rocky terrain, hikers should exercise caution when climbing along this trail. The lower lake is located .5 miles from the trailhead. The southern end of the lake can be reacherd by circling the the shore from either side. From its southern end, the route continues up the steep canyon to the larger of the two lakes, Middle Oregon Lake. The scenic rock cliffs and available campsites make the middle lake an excellend overnight stop for backpackers. Fishing, swimming and camping can be enjoyed at both lakes.

Access: Hiking

Facilities: Scenery, Lake, Fishing

Connections: Lower Oregon Lake, Middle Oregon Lake


Topo View - Lower Oregon Lake Trail 109

Photo View - Lower Oregon Lake Trail 109