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Mineral County Museum

Classification: History
Latitude: 47.194133°     Longitude: -114.887773°

Area: Superior

The Mineral County Museum is located in the old hospital building in Superior at 301 East 2nd Avenue, two blocks east of River Street (the town's main street) on the road running between the two elementary school buildings.

Contact Info
Mailing Address:
PO Box 533
Superior, MT 59872

Street Address:
301 2nd Avenue East
Superior, MT 59872

Phone: 406-822-4626

Attractions and Comments:
The Mineral County Museum, free to all, opened in 1977 in response to the nation's bicentennial.
Featuring local history, including exhibits concerning the area's historic industries of mining, logging and forest service activities. It is also a repository of all local newspapers and many historical documents. In 1989 it expanded to become a resource center for Captain John Mullan and the Mullan Trail which runs the full length of Mineral County.

All persons are welcome. Appointments are necessary for tours due to the lack of enough volunteers to staff the museum full time.
Services Offered:


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Saint Regis Keystone Peak Quinns Hot Springs
Wilson Gulch                      NE
Idaho Gulch
Illinois Peak Landowner Mountain Lozeau

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