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Missoula Lake

Classification: Lake
Latitude: 47.0632°     Longitude: -115.1166°
Elevation: 6132 ft.

Area: Superior South

Legal Description: T43N,R11E,sec19 ID

UTMZone: 643016, 5213909

From the Superior Exit on I-90, take the frontage road on the south side, south. Proceed 1.4 miles to Cedar Creek Road. Turn south again and continue up for 23.6 miles to Missoula Lake. There is a half mile dirt road that goes near the lake. Further up the road is a larger camping area with anther trailhead. Both access the lake.

This is an alpine lake in a classic cirque basin. The Montana/Idaho State Line Divide dominates the scenery to the West. There are lots of camping sites. Rainbow trout in the lake, but hard to catch.

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Torino Peak Wilson Gulch Superior
Sherlock Peak NW                     
Illinois Peak
Landowner Mountain
? Hoodoo Pass Straight Peak

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