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Oregon Lakes Trail-USFS Trail No_ 109

Classification: Trail

Location: Forest road #320
Latitude: 47.0619°     Longitude: -115.0850°
Elevation: 5365 ft.

Length: 0.7Mi

End Location: Middle Oregon Lakes
End Latitude: 47.0555°     Longitude: -115.0903°
End Elevation: 5945 ft.

Area: Superior South
Usage: Light to Medium
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Legal Description: Township 15N; Range 28W; Section 13

From Superior get on the south side frontage road to Cedar Creek Road. Go 20.4 miles to Oregon lakes turn off at Road #18688. Turn left and the parking area is within a half a mile.

To get to these lake you make a steep but short hike to the lower lake. Good campsites at the trailhead and lake. The trail from the lower lake to the middle lake isn't as steep. The lakes sit in cirque basins with great views and fair fishing for Eastern Brook Trout.

Access: Hiking

Facilities: Fishing, Hiking

Connections: Oregon Lakes

Trail Profile:


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Torino Peak Wilson Gulch Superior
Sherlock Peak                       
Illinois Peak
Landowner Mountain
? Hoodoo Pass Straight Peak

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Topo View - Oregon Lakes Trail-USFS Trail No_ 109

Photo View - Oregon Lakes Trail-USFS Trail No_ 109