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Pearl Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 175

Classification: Trail

Location: Trail #171 at Hear Lake

Length: 1.0Mi

End Location: Pearl Lake

Area: Superior South

Legal Description: Township 14N; Range 27W; Section 24

Follow signs east of superior on the Frontage road toward Trout Creek Campground. Go 15 miles up Trout Creek to the Heart Lake Trailhead. Hike in 3 miles to Heart Lake, across the outlet and continue along the east side of the lake for a mile to Pearl Lake. The State Line Trail is the other access as well as other trails in the vicinity.

This is a beautiful hike from below via Heart Lake or from above, on the State Line Trail. It's a true high country experience because it features a variety of habitats from wood riparian areas to high country cirque basins to subalpine meadows. A long easy hike and a real treat. Fishing is fair.


Topo View - Pearl Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 175

Photo View - Pearl Lake Trail-USFS Trail No_ 175