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Site Information

Petty Creek Fishing Access Area

Classification: River

Area: Alberton

West of Missoula on I-90 to Exit 77, 1/4 miles south. (Lat 46.991, Lng -114.445)

Alternate Directions:
Petty Creek Fishing Access Area is located on the Clark Fork River at river mile 178 on the left hand side as you float down stream. Erskine is the next access site up stream from Petty Creek. Natural Pier is the next site down stream from Petty Creek. Petty Creek is one of 23 FWP managed sites on the Clark Fork River.

Attractions and Comments:
Open : All Year
Trailers/RV : Site is accessible
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Elevation : 2956 ft
Nearest Town : Alberton - 2 miles
Size : 19.1 Acres


Restrictions & Closures

Weapons Discharge Prohibited
Discharge of firearms prohibited unless otherwise posted. Discharge of Paint guns prohibited at all times.

Dip sites will be used on calmer water in nearby sections of the river. Fire personel will be stationed at these sites to advise recreationists about the fire suppression work and the presence of helicopters on the river. Boaters using the river should be cautious and must pull over when instructed by fire personel. Boats should pull to the side of the river until the dip is completed, stay close together, and listen to instructions. Those using fishing access sites along the Clark Fork must also keep boat ramps and launch sites clear of vehicles and open for fire crew use.

Facilities: Boat Ramp, Toilet


Trail Profile:



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