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Railroad Days

Classification: Event

Area: Alberton

Railroad Days is located in downtown Alberton. From Missoula, Interstate 90 west for 30 miles; from Superior, Interstate 90 east for 27 miles.

Attractions and Comments:
Event Details: 7/15/2006

Alberton will present its annual Railroad Day to once again recall its glory years when the town was a crew chain point and a passenger stop on The Milwaukee Road.

The day will begin at 8:00am with a pancake breakfast once again provided by our senior citizens in the Community Center is the old Milwaukee Road station which now has landmark status. At 11:00am, the annual parade will begin at the west end of town. It is hoped to have a record number of participants.

During the day, there will be a model railroad exhibit, games for the children and many vendors offering their wares. Food and drink will be copiously available.

Also this weekend will be an all school reunion.


Contact Info
Mailing Address:
PO Box 115
Alberton, MT 59820

Street Address:
607 Railroad Avenue
Alberton, MT 59820

Phone: 406-722-3404
Fax: 406-722-3500



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