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River Trail-USFS Trail No_ 223

Classification: Trail

Location: Highway #135 (near bridge over

Length: 9.0Mi

End Location: South side cutoff road #9113

Area: Saint Regis North (Clarks Fork Valley)

Legal Description: Township 18N; Range 26W; Section 15

The North Trailhead from Highway 135 between St. Regis and Paradise. It's on the west side of the highway by the 14 Mile Bridge. Follow trail signs from the Highway. South Trailhead directions are on the preceding space under descriptions. They are a little more complex than this space can hold.

This is an excellent hiking trail with a variety of views, habitat and topography. Parts of the trail follow the Clarkfork River, while other sections wander away from it. There is one stretch along a rock outcrop across a talis slope that should be crossed with caution. Although this is a designated mountain bike trail it should be noted that there are sections on both ends that are considered quite challenging. Not for beginners.


Topo View - River Trail-USFS Trail No_ 223

Photo View - River Trail-USFS Trail No_ 223