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Saint Regis Lake

Classification: Lake
Latitude: 47.4260°     Longitude: -115.7427°
Elevation: 5613 ft.

Area: West End South
Difficulty: Easy

Legal Description: T47N,R6E,sec18 ID

UTMZone: 594824, 5253272

Take I-90 east from Spokane to Lookout Pass on the Idaho-Montana border. Exit at Lookout Pass Ski Area, Exit 0. Instead of going right, into the ski area, go left, down the hill for about .9 miles. Take the rutted gravel road a quarter of a mile uphill to the right. The St. Regis Lakes trail head is on the right as the road intersects an abandoned railbed.

Attractions and Comments:
The first mile follows the infant St. Regis River on an old road, now a snowmobile and cross country ski trail. At about a mile the road crosses the river (bring wading shoes in the spring) and hairpins to the right. In a few hundred yards two huge bolders block the road at the trailhead. The single track trail leads between open slopes of huckleberries and wildflowers. After about a mile it contours up the left slope through the forest. Climb for about a mile to a short, but steep section leading to the scenic main lake.


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

? ? Driveway Peak
Lookout Pass
? ? Adair

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