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Savenac Creek Trail-USFS

Classification: Trail

Location: Forest road #3811

Length: 6.5Mi

End Location: C C Divide #404 at Mount Bushn

Area: West End (St.Regis River Valley)

Legal Description: Township 19N; Range 30W; Section 2

Take the Haugan Exit on I-90. Go east on the Frontage Road to the Savanac Creek Road (on the No side of Interstate). Go north for 6 miles to road 3811 then go 5.5 miles to road 18723. In a half mile on 187 is the first switchback. At that point, across a short stretch of intermittent road and trail there will be the main trail. See Forest Map.

This is a nice trail along a creek bottom for several miles. Then it climbs through excellent elk and other wildlife habitat to the C.C. Divide Trail.


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