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St. Regis Annual Flea Market

Classification: Event

Area: Saint Regis

The St. Regis Flea Market is located from the main intersection (blinking light) by going west to the County Park. From I-90 use exit 33 either east or west.

Attractions and Comments:
Event Details: 5/27/2006 - 5/29/2006

St. Regis hosts Western Montana's largest Flea Market on Memorial Day Weekend with spacious lots at the Community Park. Over 150 vendors. As always a huge turnout is expected with great buys and great fun. We have 20 x 24 spaces available to vendors. Call us at 406-649-2342 or 406-649-2727 to reserve a space at this open air event.

We have added a 150 car parking lot which will be supervised by the St. Regis Youth Baseball group, so we will have ample parking for 300 cars altogether.


Contact Info
Mailing Address:
PO Box 176
St Regis, MT 59866

Phone: 406-649-2342
Alternate Phone: 406-649-2727
Fax: 406-649-2300




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