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St. Regis Fishing Access Site

Classification: River
Latitude: 47.302°     Longitude: -115.088°
Elevation: 2638 ft.

Area: Saint Regis

West of Missoula off I-90 to St. Regis Exit 33; north 0.75 miles, then east 0.25 miles.

Alternate Directions:
St. Regis Fishing Access Site is located on the Clark Fork River at river mile 128 on the left hand side as you float down stream. Dry Creek is the next access site up stream from St. Regis. St. Regis is one of 23 FWP managed sites on the Clark Fork River.

Attractions and Comments:
Open : All Year
Trailers/RV : Data Not Available
Site Map | Area Map
Elevation : 2638 ft
Nearest Town : Saint Regis - 1 miles
Size : .9 Acres

Site is operated and maintained by Mineral County.

The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Penrose Peak ? ?
Boyd Mountain                       
Saint Regis
Keystone Peak
Torino Peak Wilson Gulch Superior

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Topo View - St. Regis Fishing Access Site

Photo View - St. Regis Fishing Access Site