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Stateline Trail 738.1

Classification: Trail

Location: Hoodoo Pass South

Length: 4.6Mi

End Location: Superior RD Boundary

Area: Superior South

Season Start: Early Summer     End: Mid Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Pierce-Superior Road 250 (Trout Cir.).

Attractions and Comments:
The Stateline Trail follows the crest of the Bitterroot Divide on the Idaho-Montana State border. Hikers are reminded to pack sufficient water supplies when hiking this ridgetop trail.

This section of the Stateline Trail is in the southernmost portion of the Superior Ranger District. After the intial one-mile climb to the ridge above Hoodoo Lake, the hiking becomes fairly level, making travel more comfortable. The open ridgetop condtions afford panoramic views of the Bitterroot Mountain range in Idaho and Montana.

Vegetation is sparse and stunted at this altitude, providing hikers with a unique look at plant life that has adapted to this environment. Although this ridgeline trail is lacking water, several small lakes dot the Montana side of the divide. When heading South from Hoodoo Pass, Stateline Trail overlooks Hoodoo Lake, Hidden Lake, and eventually Heart Lake, the largest lake on the Superior Ranger District (60 acres). Heart Lake Trail 171 provides access to Heart Lake from the Stateline Ridge. Trail 171 switchbacks as it descends from the ridge towards Heart Lake. This spur trail may be somewhat difficult to locate as it abandons the ridge and begins its descent.

Hikers may elect to bypass the popular Heart Lake and continue South on Stateline Trail to Pearl and Dalton Lakes. Although there is on mainatained trail to these lakes, they can be accesses by either following old "fishermen" trails or travelling cross-country.

Remember that Stateline Trail is a continuous ridgetop trail. This ROG page describes the southernmost portion of the route on the Superior Ranger District; however, the tral does continue South onto the Ninemile Ranger District. Contact the Ninemile District Ranger for information on its continuation South.



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