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Stateline Trail 738.2

Classification: Trail

Location: Hoodoo Pass North
Elevation: 6700 ft.

Length: 8.5Mi

End Location: Cedar Cr. Rd. 320
End Elevation: 6500 ft.

Area: Superior South

Season Start: Early Summer     End: Mid Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate

Trail 738 begins as a primitive road. Rawhide Road is a marginal 2-wheel drive road which is impassable in wet weather. Parking adequate for 3 vehicles

Alternate Directions:
From Superior travel 1.4 miles east on Pierce-Superior Road 250 to Cedar Creek Road 320. Proceed 23.4 miles South on Cedar Cr. Rd. to signed trailhead at switchback. Parking for 5 vehicles.

Attractions and Comments:
This portion of Stateline Trail is characterized by moderately steep rollercoaster-type pitches, each about 0.5 mile long. Although this ridgeline trail is dry, a spring islocated off the West side of the ridge near St. Joe Lake.

Cross-country enthusiasts may wish to traverse from the ridgeline trail to either St. Joe or Oregon Lakes. Caution is advised when climbing in this steep and rugged terrain. Like the other portions of Stateline Trail, this section provides panoramic vistas and many views of the beautiful mountain cirques.

This section of Stateline Trail travels through open, ridgetop terrain and provides several good campsites and 360 degree views of the surroundig valleys and mountain ranges.

From Rawhide Road, the first 4 miles of trail alternate up and down moderately steep pitches before culminating atop Graves Peak. St. Joe Lake can be seen from this viewpoint when looking West into Idaho. A small pond, located above the lake, can also be seen. A small spring which drains into this pond is the headwaters of the St. Joe River, part of the Wild and Scenic System. A 0.5 mile spur trail leads down to the pond where there are good campsites in the surrounding meadows. This spur trail does not continue down to St. Joe Lake as most forest maps indicate; however, the hardy climber may choose to bushwhack down to the lake for some fishing or swimming.

When continuing Northwest on the ridge, Stateline Trail bypasses Illinois Peak, a jagged rocky summit studded with alpine wildflowers. Illinois Peak is the highest promontory in the area; patches of snow often remain on this peak throughout the summer. Cedar Creek Driveway Trail 169 intersects Stateline Trail just West of Illinois Peak and continuing East to Road 388.

Trail 49 also intersects the Stateline Trail in the vicinity of Illinois Peak. This trail proceeds to the West into Idaho and eventually meets the St. Joe river. Further information about this trail may be obtained from the Red Ives Ranger District.

Hikers electing to continue Northeast on Stateline Trail will be relieved to know that "It's all downhill from here." Within 1.5 miles of Cedar Creek Raod 320, Oregon Lake comes into view from a saddle 50 feet north of the trail. It takes a bushwhack to get down to this lake; travel to the lake is recommended only for experienced hikers with appropriate maps.

Remember that Stateline Trail is a continuous ridgetop trail. This ROG page describes the middle portion of the trail on the Superior Ranger District. The trail does continue to the North and South of this description, see ROG page H402 and 404 for additional information

Access: Hiking, Horseback Riding, Motorcycle

Facilities: Scenery, Woods, Wildflowers, Wildlife



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