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Stateline Trail 738.3

Classification: Trail

Location: Cedar Cr. Rd. 320 North
Elevation: 6500 ft.

Length: 9.9Mi

End Location: Dry Cr. Rd. 342

Area: Superior South

Season Start: Early Summer     End: Mid Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

From Superior travel 1.4 miles East on Pierce-Superior Road to Cedar Cr. Rd. 320. Turn South (right) onto Road 320 and continue 23.4 miles to trailhead at switchback. Parking for 5 vehicles.

Alternate Directions:
From Superior travel 4.9 miles West on Southside Frontage Road 69 to Dry Creek Road 342. Turn Southwest (left) onto Road 342 and proceed 20 miles to its junction with Stateline Trail 738. Parking for 5 vehciles.

Attractions and Comments:
This portion of the Stateline Trail is more primitive and the tread often becomes difficult to locate. Hikers are reminded to keep their eyes open for directional hints such as: rock cairns (rock piles), blazes on tree bark, and ribbons tied to trees. Although this ridgetop trail is dry, a one-mile spur trail (located 2 miles from trailhead) does lead to Bonanza Lakes.

This 9.9-mile portion of Stateline Trail overlooks 10 different lakes as it travels from Road 320 to Road 342. Hikers who cannot overcome their temptation to drop down to any of these lakes are reminded to wear sturdy footgear and observe extreme caution traversing cross-country in this steep, remote terrain.

From Cedar Creek Rd. 320, the Stateline Trail is located to the West of a primitive road which follows the center of the ridge. Trail 738 traverses the West side of the ridgeline (Idaho side of ridge) and intersects with Trail 76 a short distance from the trailhead. Trail 76 drops off the ridge heading West into Idaho. Stateline Trail continues Northwest (righthand fork) and intersects Bonanz Lakes Trail 616 within 2 miles. Trail 616 switchbacks to the East as it descends one mile to the lakes. Bonanza Lakes are the most accessible source of water along this 9.9-mile route. Although many lakes can be seen from the Stateline Trail, Bonanza Lakes are the only lakes accessible by maintained foot trail. Fishing and camping are available at Bonanza Lakes.

When continuing Northwest on Stateline Trail from the Bonanza Lake Trail junction, Trail 738 approaches Binocular Peak. The trail tread becomes particularly difficult to follow along this portion of the route. As it drops Southwest along the Idaho side ofthe divide, hikers are reminded to keep an eye open for rock cairns, directional arrows, and tree blazes. Where the trail skirts the base of Binocular Peak, Frog Lake can be viewed to the South.

Shortly after passing Binocular Peak, Little Heart Lakes can be seen to the northeast from a saddle on the ridge. The trail continues along the crest of the divide and provides views of small lakes on either side of the ridge.

Three miles from its termini at Dry Creek Road, Eagle Cliff, one of the highest peaks on the Superior Ranger District, comes into view. Both Cliff and Diamond Lakes, nestled in the cirque below Eagle Cliff, can be seen before making the final descent to Dry Creek Road 342.

Remember that Stateline Trail is a continuous ridgetop trail. This ROG page describes the northernmost portion of the trail on the Superior Ranger District. The trail does continue to the North and South of this description.

Access: Hiking, Horseback Riding, Motorcycle

Facilities: Scenery, Woods, Fishing, Wildlife



Topo View - Stateline Trail 738.3

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