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Thompson Peak Lookout

Classification: Lookout

Location: Thompson Peak Road #7863

Area: Superior

Near the town of Superior. Turn right on Cedar Creek Road #320, then right on the Thompson Peak Road #7863. It is approximately 6.5 miles to the tower.

Attractions and Comments:

Capacity: 4 people

Daily Use Fee: $30.00

Available: 5/26-10/15

30 foot high electronic site/lookout. Cinderblock construction. Features: electricity, heat, refrigerator, stove, carpet. One twin bed. Overlooks the town of Superior.

Looking west from Thompson Peak

Looking east from Thompson Peak


Superior Ranger District
PO Box 460
Superior MT 59872
(406) 822-4233




Topo View - Thompson Peak Lookout

Photo View - Thompson Peak Lookout