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Trail Lake-USFS Trail No_ 156

Classification: Trail

Location: Forest road #388

Length: 4.9Mi

End Location: State Line Trail #738

Area: Superior South

Legal Description: Township 14N; Range 27W; Section 4

Follow the signs east of Superior towards Trout Creek Campground. Take the Trout Creek Road #250 for 27 miles. Turn right on Road #388 (snowshoe pass) and continue 1.2 miles to the trailhead just beyond the bridge across Trout Creek.

The trail follows the creek fomst of the way to a beautiful high mountain lake. The lake elevation is 5,720 feet and thte trialhead is at 4,800 feet.


Topo View - Trail Lake-USFS Trail No_ 156

Photo View - Trail Lake-USFS Trail No_ 156