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Trout Creek Driveway Trail-USFS

Classification: Trail

Location: Road #7863 at Curran Gulch

Length: 8.0Mi

End Location: Thompson Creek Trail #173

Area: Superior

Legal Description: Township 16N; Range 26W; Section 7

1.4 miles east of Superior on Road #250 will be Cedar Creek Road #320, take it 13.6 miles up to the junction with Snowshoe Pass Road #388. Continue 4.1 miles to Freezout Pass with the sigh on the south side of the road. The trial is on a primitive road going up the ridge behind the sign.

This trail features some outstanding views of the State Line Trail along the divide between Montana and Idaho as well as the Cedar Creek and Trout Creek drainages. It gets you right up there in the high country.


Topo View - Trout Creek Driveway Trail-USFS

Photo View - Trout Creek Driveway Trail-USFS