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Up Up 40' Lookout Tower

Classification: Lookout

Location: Roads #889 and #3816

Area: West End South

Season Start: Mid Spring     End: Mid Fall

80 miles West of Missoula on I-90. Ward Creek Exit #26. Then approximately 18 miles on Forest Service Roads #889 and #3816.

You can drive directly to the lookout. Use caution when visiting the tower with children.

Attractions and Comments:
Capacity: 4 people

Daily Use Fee: $25.00

Available: 06/15 - 10/15; depends on weather for spring thaw!


Superior Ranger District
P.O. Box 460
Superior MT 59872
(406) 822-4233



Topo View - Up Up 40' Lookout Tower

Photo View - Up Up 40' Lookout Tower