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Up Up Ridge Trail 250

Classification: Trail

Location: Road 3816
Elevation: 5700 ft.

Length: 5.7Mi

End Location: Road 391
End Elevation: 6250 ft.

Area: West End South

Season Start: Mid Summer     End: Mid Fall

Usage: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

From I-90 take DeBorgia Exit and travel south on Deer Creek Road 236 for 1.0 miles to Henderson-Up Up Road 1101. Turn east (left) onto Road 1101 and proceed 10.4 mile to junction with Road 3816 and continue 1.0 mile to trailhead. Trailhead located on west side of road, immediately south of gate closure. Trail is old skid road for first 0.1 mile.

Alternate Directions:
From St. Regis, travel 8.2 miles west on I-90. Turn off at Drexel Exit 25, then return to I-90 traveling eastbound for 1.1 mile to Ward Creek Road 889 for 12.1 miles for four-way junction.

Turn southwest (sharp right) onto Road 1185 and continue 3.3 miles to Stateline Road 391. Turn northwest (sharp right) onto Road 391 and proceed 3.1 miles to Up Up Ridge Trailhead on north (right) side of road. Parking available on old logging spur 100 feet beyond trailhead.

Attractions and Comments:
Up Up Ridge Trail is an old dire trail that once provided access to three lookout stations atop some of the highest peaks on the Superior Ranger District; Gold, Eagle, and Ward peaks. Although these lookouts have been abandoned and fire detection has been replaced with arial fire patrol, the remains of these old stations still exist. Side trips can be made from the Up Up Ridge Trail to each of these peaks. Because of the light use this trail receives, portions of the tread have become overgrown with vegetation and may be difficult to locate. A topographic map and compass are recommeneded.

The Up Up Ridge Trail takes hikers across open ridgetop terrain and some of the highest country in Mineral County. From access Road 3816, the trail begins by following an old skid road. The abandoned road switchbacks steeply toward the ridgeline. After 2 miles, the trail begins climbing more gradually below the ridgeline at Gold Peak. Water is available in a pond just below the peak. A short side trip to the top of the peak provides a view of the Gold Lake to the north.

The trail continues in a southerly direction towards Eagle Peak. In the vicinity of Eagle Peak, the trail tread becomes somewhat obscure and difficult to follow. Travel becomes cross-country, and topographic map and compass are recommended.

In the saddle between Eagle and Ward Peaks (4 miles from trailhead on Road 3816), the Hazel-Hub Lakes Trail 280 takes hikers to Hub Lake where campsites are available.

Hikers electing to remain on the Up Up Ridge Trial will meet Stateline Road 391 within 2 miles. Pretrip planning requires either spotting a shuttle vehicle at the end of this trail or back tracking to the trailhead.

Access: Hiking, Horseback Riding

Facilities: Scenery



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