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Ward Creek Trail 262

Classification: Trail

Location: Ward Creek Road 889
Latitude: 47.28599°     Longitude: -115.33901°
Elevation: 4000 ft.

Length: 3.2Mi

End Location: Stateline Road 391
End Latitude: 47.25883°     Longitude: -115.34978°
End Elevation: 6208 ft.

Area: West End South

Season Start: Late Spring     End: Early Fall

Usage: Medium to Heavy
Difficulty: Moderate to More Difficult

Legal Description: Township 18N; Range 29W; Section 30

From St. Regis, travel 8.2 miles west on I-90. Turn off at Drexel Exit 25, return to I-90 traveling eastbound for 1.1 miles to Ward Creek Exit. Proceed south on Ward Creek Road 889 for 6.5 miles tot he trailhead at the switchback (before the vridge crossing). Parking for four vehicles.

Alternate Directions:
Continue on Ward Creek Road 889 for a total of 12.1 miles to its junction with Road 1185. Turn southwest (sharp right hand turn) onto Road 1185 and continue 3.3 miles to Stateline Road 391. Turn northwest (sharp right) onto Road 391 and proceed 2.5 miles to trailhead. Parking for one vehicle.

Attractions and Comments:
From Ward Creek Road 889, the lower first mile requires a moderate climb. This route is the most commonly used access to Hazel-Hub Lakes Trail 280. After its junction with Trail 280, Ward Creek Trail climbs steeply and steadily to Stateline Road. The trail passes from lush creek bottom habitat through high subalpine habitat.

As the trail leaves Ward Creek Road, it enters a deep grove of large old majestic trees. The trail climbs moderately through this cedar forest following Ward Creek and providing very pleasant nature study opportunities. After climbing for 1 mile, Ward Creek cascades down a spectacular 60-foot falls called Dipper Falls.

Immediately following the waterfal, the trail intersects with Hazel-Hub Trail 280. Hikers can either continue southwest on Ward Creek Trail or proceed northeast to the lakes. Hikers electing the Hazel-Hub Trail option should spot a shuttle vehicle at the termini of the Up Up Ridge Trail 250 or be prepared to backtrack to the Ward Creek trailhead on road 889.

When continuing southeast on Ward Creek Trail 252, the trail crosses Ward Creek and Square Creek, and then begins a steep climb toward Stateline Road. The grade is much steeper and more difficult for this 1 mile streach; however, hikers are rewarded with an overview ofthe entire drainage. From this point, the trail becomes relatively level as it approaches Stateline Road. Hikers must either spot a shuttle vehile stop Stateline or be prepared to backtrack the distance to their dropoff point.

Access: Hiking, Horseback Riding

Facilities: Woods

Connections: Ward Creek, Dipper Falls, Trail 280, Hazel lake, Ward Peak (via Stateline Road 391)

Trail Profile:


The 7.5 minute series USGS topographic maps for that area

Haugan De Borgia North Penrose Peak
McGee Peak                       
De Borgia South
Boyd Mountain
? Berge Peak Torino Peak

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